教   授:魏守刚

             副教授:胡翼飞   李述刚

             讲   师:李  蔓    江晓峰








Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Maternal Care

     The Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Maternal Care became Master Degree Station in 2008 and was sanctioned as Beijing municipal key discipline (a subordinate discipline of Preventive Medicine) in 2009. With the department in campus as a main part, it has also integrated with Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital/Beijing Maternal and Child Health Care Center and Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to strengthen teaching force and enhance research cooperation.


Faculty and Staff

The Department is comprised of 15 faculty and staff members, including 4 professors/chief physicians, 9 associate professors/associate chief physicians. Fourteen members of the faculty (93.3%) have got the master degree or above. Ding Hui, the current director of this department, has been long engaged in improving child and mother’s health, with particular interest focusing on the establishment of systematic management –oriented health care system for maternal and child’s health and Research . in this direction.The direction of research workis in the leading position in the country.


In recent years, the department has undertaken as many as ten scientific projects, including 2 Projects from the Ministry of Health, 1 major project supported by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, 2 projects from Beijing Medicine Research and Development Fund, 1 project from Beijing Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission and other horizontal cooperative projects and self-selected projects, with scientific research fund up to 7 million Yuan. In last 3 years, the Department has published one textbook and has one scientific research work issued and more than 40 papers got published in Chinese Core Periodicals and 3 in SCI.



Since the Department established, 3 Master students have graduated. And now, there are 3 master’s candidates in the department.Courses offered include:Child and Adolescent Health; Reproductive health and health care; Development and Molecular Nutrition and Disease.


Characteristics and Features

The department is a new discipline that integrates teaching, research, prevention and clinical practice (TRPC). The primary research interests focus on maternal and child health promotion and health care, information management for women and child. Under such new settings, based on the main part on campus, the department could make full advantages of resources from the three equal institutions to build and develop integrated platform of four aspects in TRPC in 3 years, with the goal to provide good health care services for child, adolescent and women sustainably.