教  授:孙志伟、陈瑞、黄沛力、周显青、崔淑香、施致雄、李艳博、段军超


  讲  师:蒋淑琴、曹园园


  学系近五年先后承担国家“973”子课题、国家科技支撑计划项目、国家自然科学基金中英国际合作项目、重点项目、面上项目和青年基金等各级研究项目50余项,总经费达2600余万元。在Biomaterials、Particle and Fibre Toxicology、Nanotoxicology及Chemical Science等国内外杂志发表论文152篇,其中SCI 收录论文100篇。 2011年获批”纳米材料安全性评价方法和评价体系研究”北京市创新团队,2013年获批环境毒理学北京市重点实验室。




Department of Toxicology and Sanitary Chemistry

  Established in 1988 within the School of Public Health and Family Medicine, Capital Medical University, the Department of Toxicology and Sanitary Chemistry is two of earlier founded subjects. In 2003, the department was authorized by Ministry of Education to offer master degrees in the programs of Toxicology. The department has made progress in education, scientific research and staff training. The director of department is Prof. Zhiwei Sun.

Faculty and Staff

  At present, there are 6 faculty members and staff, including 2 professors, 2 associate professors and 2 assistant professors. 4 of them have Ph.D degree. 1 has ever won the honorary title of “Excellent Talents of Beijing”, and 1 earned the title of “Excellent Middle-young Teacher of Beijing”.

Scientific Research

  Within 22 years’ construction and development, the department has formed four main research interests: (1) Nanotoxicology; (2) Metal Toxicology; (3) Toxicological Safety Assessment; (4) Environmental Toxicology. Nowadays, our department has undertaken 18 research grants, including 5 nation-level research projects, and the total research fund has been more than 9 million RMB. The department has awarded 5 provincial or ministerial prizes for progress in science and technology. More than 40 research papers have been published in last 5 years.

  The department offers a variety of courses to five- and seven-year undergraduate and graduate 
students major in preventive medicine or clinical medicine. The courses include Sanitary Chemistry, 
Pharmaceutical Toxicology, Fundamental Toxicology, Household Chemicals and Human Health, Free 
Radical Medicine, Analysis of Chemical Toxicants, Advanced Toxicology. During the last five years, 
we have compiled 10 nation-level official and/ or supporting textbooks as an editor or editor in 

Tutors and Students

  Our subject is the Master’s degreeauthorization point. Now we have 1 doctoral supervisor, 2 master supervisors, 2 Ph.D candidates, and 7 postgraduate students. Until now, 16 graduate students have successfully graduated.

Communication and Cooperation

 Academic seminar is organized regularly in the department. Some faulty joined the nation- or province-level academic community. Furthermore, we have ever invited foreign experts in related research issue for academic lectures, and built good friendship, scientific communication and cooperation with them.

Subject Characteristics

By taking advantage of fundamental and applicative subjects, we embarks on teaching, scientific research and social service, and sets solid foundation for cultivating talents of public health with good-quality by cooperating with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and attached hospitals.